Switching Things Up: summer-fy your beauty routine

With gorgeous weather just around the corner, it’s a good time to start think about switching up your beauty routine!  No one wants a face that melts off in summer heat, so here are a few make-up tips to summer-fy your beauty routine!


  • Prime, prime, prime!  You may not have needed this step during the winter what with the cold freezing everything in place, but summer heat won’t be kind to un-primed make-up.
  • Go for a lightweight foundation; maybe even consider a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Check out Benefit Cosmetics’ new Big Easy Liquid to Powder Foundation for a summer-perfect option (http://tinyurl.com/kq4pft5)!



  • Set everything with a powder or spray!  Urban Decay’s setting spray is getting rave reviews across the board (http://tinyurl.com/pb47jpy)!


  • Prime again!  A lot of people skip this step, but priming your eyelids can be what stops you from looking like a clown.
  • Replace cream eye-shadows with powder versions.  Creams will slide all over the place in the heat.
  • Use waterproof mascara if you’re prone to smudging.  Just be sure to gently take it all off at the end of the day.


  • Just like your eye-shadow, switch out your cream blush for a powder blush.
  • Bring out the bronzer because the sun is shining!  Add a little contour to the hollow of your cheeks for a defined look. Try Bourjois’ Delice de Podre Bronzing Powder; it looks like chocolate and smells amazing! (http://tinyurl.com/mhhd9zs)


  • Aside from not having to slather on the lip balm, everything is pretty much the same in this department.
  • One little tip: to make summer brights really pop, apply a thin layer of concealer to your lips first.

Thanks for reading, and have fun prepping for summer!





This place is off the charts! The Drake Hotel rooftop patio, better known as the Sky Yard, is open late (2am) during the Summer season. Located at 1150 Queen St. W. 

There is usually a line up, especially in the evening, so get there early!


This multi-level complex has a street-level patio as well, perfect for an afternoon brunch. Go to http://www.thedrakehotel.ca for their awesome seasonal menus!

Posting more soon!

-RU Summer 2014 Team

Check out JOEY #DonMills #SUMMERPATIOGUIDE2014


Next on our list for the best patio’s to check out this Summer 2014 is Joey Don Mills! Located at 15 O’Neill Road in the Shops at Don Mills. This breathtaking rooftop patio, is modern and comfortable, with plenty of space to mingle.


The menu is top notch, while you are there try out their amazing Ahi Tuna Tacos!


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-RU Summer 2014 Team 







Your Homemade Healthy Popsicle!

So, it’s hot outside, and you really need to cool down!

you are tired of the same old ice cream that the grocery store offers you. 

So why not make your own amazing ideas? 

Did you know that you could easily make your own popsicles? and include REAL fruits in them as well?

Here are some ideas for you the next time you have a craving: 




For amazing easy recipes click the link below

Make my own popsicle! 

Let us know what you think,

– Ryerson RU Summer Campaign team 


Craving some delicious Italian food? Try Gusto 101!

This spot is next on our list of MUST go to patio’s for Summer 2014, located at 101 Portland Street (King St W). 

The rooftop patio and deliciously innovative italian fare deliver a perfect mix for any time of the day such as a romantic dinner, or just a quick bite with friends. 

Try the Salsicce Pizza, Fettuccine ai Funghi or Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia!

Check back soon for patio places to hit up this Summer, we have got many more!

– RU Summer 2014 Team 

#WhatRUWearingThisSummer: Summer-Ready Legs in 4, 3, 2, 1

It’s supposed to hit a whopping 15 degrees this Thursday!  And as Canadians that means it’s time to break out the shorts, skirts and dresses 😉  But wait, you’ve spent the past 6 months hiding your legs under layers of tights and pants?  No worries, here are a few tips and tricks to help get your legs summer-ready:


Combine the cold, dry weather with long-term neglect and you get skin that’s looking a little crocodile-esque, right?  So start with a smooth, clean slate by scrubbing up!  We recommend Lush’s Rub Rub Rub (http://tinyurl.com/lhnbl6p):

Lush's Rub Rub Rub


Whether you shave or wax, now’s the time to get that hair gone! A few money-saving tips:


Now seal in that silky smoothness with a generous layer of body lotion.  In the market for something new?  The Body Shop just released a new raspberry scented body butter–a tried and true product that smells good enough to eat! Plus, The Body Shop is having a crazy buy 3 get 3 free sale! Grab a few friends and go crazy! (http://tinyurl.com/ndyx9yd)



Yes yes, tanning in the sun or salon is bad for you, but a little self-tanner does the trick!  The beauty world has been buzzing with talk of St. Tropez Tan products.  They’ll give you the perfect glow without looking like an Oompa loompa! Check out Sephora’s affordable starter kit if you’re interested: http://www.sephora.com/self-tan-starter-kit-P386012?skuId=1610518

st tropez


And there you have it!  Come Thursday, all legs will pale in comparison to yours (literally)!